Where There is Will, There is a Way

Name: Shabir Ahmad Rather
Previous status: Aspiring B. Ed student
Current status: Sarwa Shiksha Abiyaan (SSA) teacher

Human services being a part of Indo Global Social Service Society, Kashmir has always tried to serve the community on need basis. And at the same time, it acts as a link between the government and other government resources directly or indirectly. Overall community empowerment has been the focus of IGSSS, and to achieve this goal, IGSSS has been making endless efforts to help vulnerable, to attain self sufficiency almost in everything.

Education component is at the heart of IGSSS efforts to empower the community, especially the youth. Students who wish to continue their studies but face plethora of hurdles look for opportunities. On the contrary, IGSSS extends them a hand and try to restore their confidence by providing them scholarships, so that they can continue their education without any break.

In this regard, IGSSS identified a case in one of the target village namely Gund-e-Ibrahim. A young energetic boy, Shabir Hussain Rather belongs to a very poor family. His family falls under below poverty category and the survival is difficult. His family depends on agriculture. Farming is the only source of income for Shabir’s family. Shabir’s father, Gh. Mohd Rather has to provide bread and butter to his two daughters and three sons. Mr Rather can feed his family two meals a day, but he can’t furnish other needs like education etc. He doesn’t have resources to provide education to his children. Shabir was very zealous to continue his studies further. The IGSSS team came to his rescue. Before helping Shabir to meet his needs, IGSSS assessed his conditions at home and took his previous academic records into consideration before granting him scholarship. Shabir being a brilliant student and keeping his previous academic records and proper conduct in view, IGSSS thought of helping him. Nevertheless, it was quite thorny decision for IGSSS team to decide whether to support his family financially or to cater to Shabir’s educational needs. He himself was very confused. But, finally Shabir’s passion won at the end.

“I was in a kind of dilemma. I had no idea what to do, so I approached IGSSS team. I had heard of the provision of the scholarships perhaps this was the last hope I could cling on”, said Shabir Hussain.

The lack of awareness usually plunges a person in despondency which brings havoc in his life and the community. His dreams never ever turn into realty and as an individual, he feels remorseful over his failures. But in a way Shabir was lucky. He approached IGSSS team; the team could not resist holding his hand. The empathy and encouragement of IGSSS team boost his morale to the zenith. He now vowed to continue his studies even though he had to face criticism from his family inmates or the people around him. Now, Shabir received scholarship of Rs 10, 000 and with this amount he pursued his B.Ed classes as he had desired so.

“I pursued my degree in B.Ed with this money and this scholarship b y IGSSS was a great help to me. This degree made me an eligible candidate for the post of teacher under the Government scheme Sarava Shiksha Abhiyaan(SSA). Now to get a degree wasn’t a far dream, It became a reality and I couldn’t believable my stars”, said Shabir joyfully

“My confidence rose to heights and my belief now is that a person should never give up hope in life in whatever circumstances s/he may be”, added Shabir with spark of confidence in his eyes

The Scholarship has reinforced hope and confidence in Shabir Ahmad. Besides, he now earns a decent living by teaching in his own village in a government school. After this scholarship, his life changed altogether. Today shabir is in a position to support his father and feed his family. Presently, Shabir is imparting free education to the needy children of his village. In a way he is paying back to his community by educating his own people.

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