Janani Surakhsaa Yojnaa damp squib in Kashmir

Janani Surakhsaa Yojnaa damp squib in Kashmir

Many women ‘denied’ benefits

Budgam, October 4th: The much hyped Janani Surakhsaa Yojnaa (JSY) has turned out to be a damp squib in Kashmir as many women eligible for the scheme have been denied its monetary benefits.

JSY a centrally sponsored scheme of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) envisages reimbursement of Rs 1,400 to a woman who has delivered a baby in government hospitals. However in Kashmir the scheme is not being properly implemented.

Zarina Banoo wife of a poor labourer Mushtaq Ahmad Kumar from Hafroo Batpora village in Nagam block of central Kashmir’s Budgam district delivered a baby boy in 2008. Ironically, till date she has not been reimbursed Rs 1,400 by the Health department.

Zarina was admitted at LD Hospital under MRD No: 60116 and delivered the baby on December 15, 2008 under birth certificate under no: LD/21257.

“However, when I demanded Rs 1400, the officials at LD Hospital told me that it will be reimbursed by the concerned Block Medical Officer (BMO) at Nagam. After few days I went to the BMO’s office and officials there told me that I have to collect the said amount from LD hospital,” Zarina said.

She alleged that the LD hospital authorities refused to reimburse her.

“It is not the case of Zarina only but there are hundreds of similar cases wherein poor people are being made to run from pillar to post to get a meagre sum of Rs 1,400 under JSY. It would have been better if there was a single window system for receiving this amount. It is basically the job of Asha workers to assist such women but it seems they are not doing their job properly,” said a RTI and social activist Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Budgam Dr Fayaz Peerzada assured to look into the case and reimburse Zarina. “I will take up the matter with Block Medical Officer (BMO) Nagam and give all dues to the complainant,” the CMO said.


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