Irshad Ahmad: A Real Change Maker in Malikpora, Baramulla

Malikpora is a small village located in the District Bandipora in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It has a population of about 626 persons living in around 63 households. Indo Global Social Services Society (IGSSS) had formed a Youth Group which comprises 10 members. The purpose of the youth group was to provide youth a platform so that they act as change agents in their village and involve youth in the development of their village. To motivate youth to form a group was not an easy task. The IGSSS team had to make youth understand the concept behind the formation of the youth group. A motivated group of ten members was formed and the youth named their group as “Gousia” which means a group that can bring peace prosperity and happiness to their village.
The group selected Irshad Ahmad as their leader who lead Gousia Youth Group and keep the members integrated. IGSSS facilitated the group in various activities by involving them in different workshops for their personality and self development. For the development of the village, the self development is a must. The youth group was also given awareness regarding health and hygiene through series of meetings.

One of the workshop on effective living and leadership was organised by IGSSS which was attended by the Gousia youth group leader Irshad Ahmad in April, 2008.The workshop added a valuable change in his thinking process and increased his passion towards bringing development. “I started discussions in regular meetings with my youth members regarding the possibilities of what could be the best way where we could help towards the development of our village, it is after the of series of meeting we decided to first start our focus on education of child who do not go to school”

In Malikpora, children who were supposed to be in schools were found playing all the time and their parents would show no interest in enrolling them in the school. In this regard, Gousia group took an initiative to send such children to school. Initially, the youth group identified such children in the village who were not going to school and a list of six children were prepared on whom the group focused.

The group tried to enquire about the children who were not going to school. During this process, the group found that few children were not willing to go to school and would spend their time in playing while parents of other children did not pay any attention or interest in sending their children to school.

Members of Gousia youth committee approached parents of these children and motivated them to enroll them in the school.”We had a tough time to motivate children who were not willing to go to school.

Initially, we talked to the teacher of Govt. School namely Peer Parvaiz Ahmad if the children could be admitted to school as the time of admission was over we talked to the teacher in details and motivated him to get the six children admitted to school.” Somehow the teacher agreed and helped us in enrolling six children in the school. Initially, we divided the group members who could go door to door and motivate the parents as well the children and take them to schools to ensure regularity.” said Irshad Ahmad.

Name: Irshad Ahmad
Village: Malikpora
Name of the Group: Gousia Youth Group
Designation: Leader

Members of youth group carried daily home visits on regular basis. They also helped parents prepare them to go to school as well as would pick and drop the children from the school. ”We did all this to ensure that parents also take responsibility to send their children to school. This initiative enhanced our confidence among ourselves and our community and we look forward to work for betterment of our society as a whole”, said Irshad Ahmad, leader Gousia youth group.

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