I Learned How to Balance Life’s ups and downs: Shahnawaz Ali Malla

I Learned How to Balance Life’s ups and downs: Shahnawaz Ali Malla


By: Sumera B. Reshi

Saqi Shahnawaz has witnessed transformation since he joined a new youth group, Shagufay.  Shahnawaz Ali Malla aka Saqi Shahnawaz is a 24 years old youth group member from Mallapora, Daslipora (Pattan). Shahnawaz is a graduate and an active member of Shagufay Youth group. Since he rejoined the youth group, he is a changed person, no more rowdy or irksome, rather a regimented man now.

Shahnawaz Ali Malla was associated with Arzoo youth group prior to Shagufay youth group. As a member of Arzoo youth group, he was disobedient and uncontrollable. He had some family problem which had an indelible impact on his life. His tormented relationship left him irritating and annoyed. He turned sour towards relationships. His inflammable behaviour created fissures in the group. He was sacked from the membership.

Realising the importance of a group, he asked for the repentance and forgiveness. The team disbanded him from the group for some time.

“I had lost my direction and discipline. I misbehaved a lot because I was very tense on my family front. IGSSS sensitised me about rights, entitlements and duties and when I realised I also have certain duties, I changed completely from an unruly to a self-controlled person”, said Shahnawaz Malla.

He added, “Besides tormented married life, I realised I owe my people and I should also do something for my own people”.  

Shahnawaz comes from a middle class family. His father is craftsman.  He has two sisters and one brother and he proudly announces that his siblings are all educated. He graduated in arts subjects and works as medical representative (MR) in a pharmaceutical company.

Being engaged in work, he yearns to learn more from other youth group members and Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) team.

 “I work as a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company to become independent but I love to take part in debates and discussions and love to have social interaction with a wider group”, said Shahnawaz Malla.

Shahnawaz wants to be a catalyst, a driving force in his own village, Daslipora which is under developed. His village lacks basic infrastructure and his fellow villagers have no knowledge about their rights and entitlements.

Daslipora constitutes Sumbal and Pattan block and the area is divided between two rival religious and political leaders. There is a friction between the two local leaders which has left people with no choice other than to ask youth to raise their voices.

“We are caught in between and this situation has pushed our village at the periphery. Youth like me need to stand up and ask for the overall development of the village”, said Shahnawaz Malla.

He is happy to be a part of youth group once again. He said that the team IGSSS showed him a right path and educated him on various fronts like rights, entitlements and duties.

Shahnawaz was so informed that he after attending a workshop on Right to Information (RTI) filed an RTI against Zonal education Officer (ZEO) Daslipora and sought information about the number of schools and teacher in the area. “Yes the workshop proved effective for me in many ways”, said Shahnawaz Malla.

His goal is to develop personally into an agent of change for his society. He remembers when he attended a training workshop arranged by IGSSS in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Rural Self Employment Training Institute (JKRSETI) and he got to know how he can start his business. The only problem for him is to get loan without interest or small interest.

“My broken marriage left me wrecked. He was very perturbed in this situation IGSSS team helped him get out of the tension. IGSSS taught me social interaction and educated me about my rights and duties. What else I needed”, said Shahnawaz Malla candidly.  

“For me IGSSS is like mother’s lap for me. This organisation gave us a concept of We instead of I.  My life transformed and I learned how to balance life’s ups and downs. IGSSS taught me good lessons and from a rowdy person I changed to a sensitive person.


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